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Security and Protection

Cameras and alarm systems, what will they do for you when burglars are already inside your house? A trained K9 Grip dog gives you an early warning and responds on your commands to protect you and your family. This will create a safe home, with a ‘friend around’.


More than a guard dog or pet

Complement your home security system with an allert animal that at the same time is an addition to your family. K9 Grip supplies an obiedient dog that ‘watches over you’.

  • Overdracht

    K9 Grip heeft alleen dieren uit een stabiele bloedlijn die goed luisteren en met mensen en dieren kunnen omgaan. Wij werken veel met herders die al een kwalitatieve basistraining afgerond hebben. Ongeveer twee weken na de overdracht starten we met gehoorzaamheidstrainingen bij je thuis. Om je hond onderdeel van je gezin te laten worden, geven we samen met jou invulling aan de verdere opleiding. In overleg neem je steeds meer van de training van ons over.

  • Advies

    K9 Grip geeft je handvatten om je hond mee te laten groeien met je gezin. Zoals je hond een trouwe vriend is voor het leven, zijn wij ook ná de overdracht jouw vraagbaak en sparringpartner. Daarnaast behoren verdergaande bijt- en verdedigingstrainingen tot de mogelijkheden. Met ons advies staan we graag voor je klaar.

Match between man and animal

A keen ear, good nose and sharp vision will come in

handy to protect your family. For undaunted faith

and good friendship, the collaboration between owner

and his dog is of great importance. K9 Grip provides

the perfect match between man and animal.

Therefore we provide a part of the dog training in your home. Of course in close consultation with you and custom-fitted to your specific needs.


Would you like to know what K9 Grip can do for you?

Send an e-mail to or call

Jorien Schouwenaars +31 (0) 6 43 23 02 83.


About Jorien Schouwenaars

Jorien Schouwenaars is the person behind K9 Grip.

She has over 20 years of experience in training and supplying different types of dogs to individuals, government agencies and security services

at home and abroad.

What kind of dog are you looking for?

K9 Grip has a large international network and likes to fulfill your specific request; whether we can provide you with one K9, a small group, or dozens of dogs. Also, hunting and herding dogs are well known to us. On request we can provide high quality dog food, bite suits, belts, harnesses and all sorts of other dog supplies.


KNPV, IPO or Schutzhund certified

Are you working in security or for the police and are you looking for a reliable K9 that is KNPV, IPO or Schutzhund-certified? From young puppy and green dog to experienced detector. And from single purpose dog that either searches or bites to a dual purpose dog that controls both.


We can provide both. Interested in a reliable dog that you can ‘trust blindly’? Send an e-mail to

or call +31 (0) 6 43 23 02 83.

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K9 Grip B.V.

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The Netherlands


T +31 (0)6 43 23 02 83


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